Corporate message

Fortunately, our company has been survived for 50 years due to our customers’ support. We really appreciate it.

While growing to concern for the aggravation of global environment, the automotive industry has to improve the fuel consumption, and to reduce the emissions due to global warming.

Our company has been manufacturing the actuator parts (motor, solenoid, clutch, etc) since 1963. Our fundamental belief is “We contribute to the rich society which considered global environment by investigating better harmony of technology and a human being, and producing a valuable product”. To accompany our fundamental belief we have been manufacturing the fuel system parts for the automotive (fuel injector, fuel pump, EGR bulb, linear solenoid) to improve fuel consumption and reduce the emission. Furthermore, we started machining the bulb parts and the actuator parts for the ethanol engine, the natural gas engine, and fuel cell from last year.

In order to achieve this assignment, we all always attempt to improve our skills, the quality of our products, customers’ satisfaction, employee’s satisfaction by building the automation system and the training program. We also try to convert the Asian company by corporate with our subsidiary in China.

We consistently are able to make the products from material to sub assembly by connecting with our approximately 30 associated companies. The subsidiary in China is also doing the same business as domestic.

It is possible to start manufacturing in domestic and the Chinese factory at the same time. We confidently suggest our technology and processing of the actuator parts (cold forging, die casting, welding, machining of SUS , machining of pure iron) by 50 years of experience. 

We appreciate your further guidance and encouragement in the future.


CEO Yoko Kuwabara 


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