Environmental Policy

<Fundamental Environment Basic Policy>

We realize the most priority common assignment in humanity which is to protect the global environment, so we try to save it by being in harmony with human, society, and nature.


<Environmental Policy>

Japan Actuator Inc recognizes our obligation that we have to provide the environmental – friendly manufacturing and products. (the products make improve the oil consumption and reduce the emission)

1.Continuous improvement of Environmental Management System (EMS)
  Our company’s activity makes the environmental influence which could demolish the global environment, so we have to promote suitable management, and review it every time. We attempt to improve EMS continuously.
2.To obey the environmental law and regulation
  We obey the environmental law and regulation associated with our activity.
3.Effective utilization of resource and energy
  We work on the effective utilization to save electricity; gas, fuel oil, and water in our production activity.
4.Decrease the industrial waste and promote recycling of the waste
  (1)Attempt to reduce the waste oil, effluents, emissions and to deal with them.
  (2)Attempt to cut down the supplies tools and office supplies.
  (3)Attempt to utilize papers effectively and reduce them.
  (4)Attempt to use the raw material effectively and reduce the defective products.
5.Appropriate management for industrial drainage
   Attempt to prevent contamination by strengthening the drainage facilities.
6.Appropriate control of chemical substances in the production activity.
   Promote the appropriate control of chemical substances in the productive line, shift to alternative substances, and reduce the amount of the chemical substances.
7.Develop the environmentally friendly products
  The development of environmental apparatus for vehicle in cooperation is promoted to contribute the maintenance of the global environment.

※And disseminate information to partner companies and all employees this environmental policy, it will be announced to the outside.

Hirokazu Kuwabara

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