The Automation Technology


The labor fee in China or other Asian countries has been escalating from 10% to 20% every year, so we have to install the automation system to relief the increasing labor cost ASAP.
Our company decides to develop and produce the gantry robots in-house, and export them for labor saving of the Chinese factory.
In addition, we export each apparatus based on internally producing technique among labor saving apparatuses and strengthen the labor saving of the overseas factory.
We plan to move forward to the robot market by reviving our know-how, and strengthen the manufacture and sales of robot in domestic and foreign countries.


<Labor-saving apparatus>    


<The semiautomatic deburring apparatus for variant parts> <The automatic deburring apparatus for hexagonal edge> 


Novelty,existing conventional technique,and superiority for products if we developed a post attachment robot

There are many multiple spindle robot installed after tool up.Especially,there are few companies which produce the gantry robot in Asian countries.

  1. If we invested that gantry robot at Japnese robot makers,it would cost from 4 million to 5 million yen per unit($40,000~$50,000)
  2. We plan to develop and produce a gantry robot which is reasonable and easily maintained by our technique and cooperating with JAI group(Our suppliers)
  3. We are going to export 35 units of the gantry robot to our Chinese factory.And then,we find Chinese and other Asian market which is expanded dramatically.




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