Management Philosophy

<Fundamental Belief>

We contribute to the rich society which considered global environment by investigating better harmony of technology and a human being, and producing a valuable product.


<Basic Policies>

1. We offer superior products and services to fulfill our customers’ satisfaction and relief. Our goal is trustful and stable company. (Customer First Policy and Quality policy)
2. Create valuable products and services by our original idea and skills (Innovative policy)
3. Respect for individual humanity and ability to create a freehearted corporate culture (human resource policy)
4. Attempt to be in harmony with human, society, and nature to contribute the global environment (Global Environment Policy)
5. Accomplish responsibility as the corporate citizen for a community (Philanthropy)


<Company’s Vision>

Our goal is to be a leading company that processes the functional parts, and contribute to the automotive and the Info-Com industrial society.

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